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Thank you for visiting the online home of Maribea craft chocolate.  Here you can find our most popular products, including dark chocolate bars, cacao nib cookies, baking blocks, chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate beverages, gift boxes, and more.  The cacao beans from which we make our luxury chocolates come from around the world, including countries such as Columbia and Guatemala.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and enjoy your shopping experience!

Delicious Craft Chocolates from Exotic Locales

Maribea in Odessa, Texas


If you happen to be in the Odessa, Texas area, why not pay a visit to our physical store! You’d have an opportunity to sample some of our internationally sourced craft chocolates as well as buy anything you can also find on our online store, including cacao nib cookies or pretzels dipped in craft chocolate. We’d love to see you and answer an questions you may  have about our chococlate.