Tabasco, Mexico Untempered Chocolate Block 1/10 Pound


Ingredients: (Cacao, Cane Sugar, Cacao Butter)


This is a 1/10 pound untempered Tabasco chocolate block.  This craft chocolate block, which is ideal for baking and cooking, is made from cacao beans sourced from the state of Tabasco in Mexico.  You’ll find that the taste of this bean-to-bar chocolate is as unusual as its namesake — Tabasco.  Now we usually associate Tabasco with the sauce that bears its name, but it is also the main site of Mexico’s cacao growing industry.  This chocolate is not infused with Tabasco sauce, however: its spiciness is completely natural.

Note that we also have Tabasco Mexican chocolate available in tempered form and in break-apart chocolate bar form.

Taste Notes

As the name suggests, this Mexican craft chocolate bar has a very spicy taste to it combined with a rich, dark chocolate flavor.

Cacao Bean Origin: Tabasco, Mexico

Tabasco is a state located along the gulf coast of Mexico.  In addition, it was home to an ancient tribe of Mesoamericans who truly enjoyed chocolate.  Cacao farms in this region are responsible for growing and harvesting the cacao beans used to make Tabasco chocolate.

Interesting Fact

Chocolate was first consumed in Mexico about 3,000 years ago by an ancient tribe known as the Olmecs who lived in what we now know as Vera Cruz and Tabasco.

**Minimum Retail Order: 15

**Total Minimum: 1.5 lbs

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in


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